Sessions in OT API

Administrator's/operator's session

Must have for all operator's actions: settings, catalog management, content, order processing, etc.

Passed by sessionId parameter in all methods, related to operator's actions.

Can get by AuthenticateInstanceOperator, passing administrator's login/password (recieved with OT API key or box purchase, or created for another operators by yourself).

User's/customer's session

Must have for adding items to cart or favourites, setting up delivery profiles, processing orders, making payments, writing reviews and other user's actions.

Passed by sessionId parameter in all methods, related to user's actions.

There are few ways to get user's session:

  • By GetAnonymousSession method you can get anonymous session, which can be used for adding items to cart, but nothing else. If you don't need cart and full-rights user, just do not pass session parameter.
  • By Authenticate method you can sign in by early registered user and get his session.
  • By RegisterUser method you can register new user and get session immediately, if there is no need in phone or email confirmation. Otherwise, you will recieve data for phone or email confirmation.
  • You can confirm email or phone by ConfirmEmail and ConfirmPhone methods respectively, and get user's session if confirmation was successed.
  • If you have "External Authentication" module you can sign in user through social network accounts and get session finally. See details in documentation.
  • You can get any user's session if you already have operator's session by using AuthenticateAsUser method.

Provider's session

Uses to work with provider's orders, only available with "Autopurchase" module.

Passed by providerSessionId parameter in methods related to "Autopurchase" module.

See all details in documentation.