Method Description
AddPriceFormationGroup IMAGES Addition of group of pricing
EditPriceFormationGroup IMAGES Editing of group of pricing
EditPriceFormationSettings IMAGES Change of options of pricing инстанса
GetCategoriesOfPriceFormationGroup IMAGES IMAGES Reception of the list of the categories adhered to group of pricing
GetPriceFormationGroup IMAGES IMAGES Reception of group of pricing
GetPriceFormationGroupList IMAGES IMAGES Reception of the list of accessible groups of pricing
GetPriceFormationSettings IMAGES IMAGES Reception of options of pricing инстанса.
GetPriceFormationStrategyList IMAGES IMAGES Reception of the list of accessible strategy of pricing
RemoveCategoryFromPriceFormationGroup IMAGES Removal of a sheaf of a category and pricing group
RemovePriceFormationGroup IMAGES Removal of group of pricing
SetDefaultPriceFormationGroup IMAGES Installation of group of pricing by default
SetPriceFormationGroupToCategory IMAGES Attachment of group of pricing to a category from the catalogue of the user